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Year: 2008


Soundboard: Italian fir


Bottom, Sides and Hedgehog: Carpathian maple


Paintwork: Oil

This violin is representative of my Stradivari model characterized by elements of the Emiliano Romagna school, which are particularly evident in the resolution of the edges and the curl.

The use of the background in a single piece is another distinctive element of most of my works.

Particular attention is paid to the selection of materials and to the acoustic design, which aims at achieving a soft, balanced and harmonious sound, combined with a prompt emission, to offer the musician a wide range of interpretations.

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Frignani violino 2020-98 front1.JPG

Year: 2020


Soundboard: Italian fir


Bottom, Sides and Hedgehog: Slavic Maple

Paintwork: Oil

This violin was made with materials by Ettore Soffritti. It is one of the rare two-piece back instruments of my production.

Soft and dark sound, balanced and projective.

Frignani violino 2020-98 back.JPG
Frignani violino 2020-98 front2.JPG
Frignani violino 2020-98 scrollfront.JPG
Frignani violino 2020-98 scroll.JPG
Frignani violino 2020-98 scrollback.JPG
Frignani violin Lions 2017web3_edited.jpg
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Frignani violin Lions 2017web3.jpg

Year: 2017


Soundboard: Italian fir


Bottom, Sides and Hedgehog:  Italian Maple

Paintwork: Oil

This violin was made for the "Pavullo e del Frignano" Lions Club to underline the "We Serve" concept that distinguishes the Lion's purpose. The color has been purposely left "amber" to underline the reference to the colors of the Lions symbol.

The back is in one piece and the soundboard is also in one piece.

The powerful and mature sound make it a reference violin in my production.

Frignani violin Lions 2017web2.jpg
violino del Frignano.jpg
Frignani violin Lions 2017web4.jpg
Frignani violin Lions 2017web5.jpg
Frignani violin Lions 2017web1.jpg
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